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paprika (red, yellow, others)

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  • Weight5 kg

[ Four Seasons FnC co]

  • South Korea South Korea
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we've been exporting paprika to Japan and Taiwan. 

Those paprika are cultivated in gangwon do district mainly.

Those are divided into 5 grade by weight , available to supply by a certain grade.

To Japan,  shipment by vessle is possible,  but  to Taiwan and  other countries  available to airplane.

The package is 5kg/box as photo,

They should be loaded in reefer container for transportation.

we are willing to be responsible to pass quarantine in arrival port.

The main seasons are from May to Nov.,

and the quantity is focusing from May to July  in Korea.

The price will be decided about one month before than contract.

please contact us for more consulting.





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paprika _red_ yellow_ others_

paprika _red_ yellow_ others_

paprika _red_ yellow_ others_

paprika _red_ yellow_ others_