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instant rice and porridge

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1. instant frozen fried rice  products; 

     1) we have been manufacturing 12 kinds of frozen fried rice products,

         the weight a package is about 300g , suitable a meal .

     2) The packages are devided  into pack and paper case ,

         in case of paper case , the quantity should be agreed with both party , due to package material lot .

     3) We also can manufacture OEM branded products by order of customers.

     4) The kinds of instant frozen fried rice products are as belows.

         shrimp fried rice, ham & vegetable fried rice, octopus fried rice, beef fried rice, chicken deli fried rice,

         kimchi fried rice, vegetable fried rice, chicken fried rice, sweet potato fried rice, 5 kinds of herbs fried  

         rice and so on.

     5) The price is different with products, needed consulting .

     6) These frozen fried rice products keep 12 months on sheif  in the cold temporature (about -18 C)


2. instant rice (plain,  without additional sauces, materials)

     1) These instant rice (plain) product  are kept for 12 months on shelf on room temporature.

     2) We have many kinds of instant rice products and  export  lots of volumn to foreign countries.

     3) Price will be supported  on consulting, could be modified by ordering quantity.


3. The porridges

     1) Oriental porridges are efficient for alternatives for meals.

     2) We have various kinds of products ,

         rice porridge with pinenut,   pumpkin porridge with honey, sweet red bean and chestnut porridge,

         rice porridge with bean sprouts and manila clam,  rice porridge with abalone,

         rice porridge with tuna, rice porridge with vegetable  and so on.

     3) the weight a product 285g in a bowl .  could be heated with micro wave conveniently.

     4) These porridges  are kept  on room temporature.


4. remarks;

     1) MOQ will be decided by products through consulting,  available for LCL cargo by product for

        consolidation .

     2) But  should be loaded after devided into dry cargo and  reefer cargo in advance.  

     3) The above  products  have been manufacturing  by automatic facility in factories,

         and guarantee  the quality  and delivery . 

     4) All products could be prepared within  4 weeks after fixing order. 














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instant rice and  porridge

instant rice and  porridge

instant rice and  porridge

instant rice and  porridge

instant rice and  porridge

instant rice and  porridge

instant rice and  porridge