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Organic seaweed snack

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  • MaterialOrganic laver, cheese powder, almond powder, sesame powder, coconut powder, etc
  • Weight25 g
  • Payment TermsT/T

[ Four Seasons FnC co]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

* product name;  Maro's Organic Seaweed Snacks

* Kinds of products;    Seaweed snack Cheese tasred 25g pack

                                Seaweed snack Almond, Sesame tasted 25g pack

                                Seaweed snack Coconut tasted 25g pack

* H/S code;   2106. 90

* place of Origin;  republic of Korea

* Detailed Infrormation.                                                                               (U$, FOB korean port)


                        items                   size  num./box   box/20ft    @/pack   shelf life              remarks


     Cheese Tasted                        25g       20pack    1.362          2.30          12m         cheese 40.43%  

     Almond, Sesame Tasted           25g       20pack     1.362          2.30          12m         almond 45.64%

                                                                                                                           sesame 4.15%

     Coconut tasted                        25g       20pack     1,362          2.30         12m          coconut 39.22%


* payment;  T/T preferable,  50% on contract signed,  balance 50% on B/L copy sending.

* MOQ;   FCL 20ft ; available consolidation with 3 kinds of products. (1,362box)

             FCL 40ft ;  available consolidation with 3 kinds of products. (3,120box)

* Product description;

    1) all aboves are acquired Organic Certificate of UFDA, HALAL, Haccp.

    2) NO artificial sweetening,   NO artificial coloring agents,   NO synthetic  Flavor.

    3) Organic Seaweed snack cheese tasted  product has essential nuitrition such as vitamins,

       minerals, Calsium and protein enough.

    4) Organic Seaweed Almond and Sesame tasted has lots of unsaturated fatty acid and

       polyphenol for growth.

    5) Organic Seaweed Coconut tasted has enough antioxidant component for anti-aging.

    6) Aboves are not fried in oil, but baked 4 times for quality preservation.



















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Organic seaweed snack